A range of assessment and soft tissue remedial techniques to effectively and quickly treat a wide range of conditions for both sports and non-sports people.


What to expect:

A short consultation to gather information to make an accurate assessment.

This may include some of the following:-

  • Medical History – Short questionnaire

  • Postural Assessment

  • Gait Analysis

  • Range of Motion (ROM)

  • Muscle Tests

  • Special Tests

  • Palpation


A treatment plan will then be devised and your first treatment will commence. A re-assessment will be done to monitor progress sometimes during and after the treatment. Kinesiology tape may be used to support effects of the treatment. A remedial exercise program and any further advice will be given to assisting in your full recovery or to help remedy the problem permanently.


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Sports Massage is the manipulation, stretch and rehabilitation of the soft tissue with the objective to aid recovery, prevent injury and enhance performance. The focus is on specific muscle groups and connective tissues.


Many athletes use sports massage as part of their training programme to enable them to perform better, recover faster and train longer. But why should sports massage be just for the athlete? Well, it's not. We stand or sit for long periods of time in our jobs causing postural problems, or repeat the same task for hours creating repetitive strain.


Having a regular sports massage will identify potential problems and treat them before they result in injury. It can help athletes continue training injury free and target existing injuries for rapid relief, and for those non-athletes it can help alleviate tension from a stressful day at work and ease muscular pain.


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K-Tape is designed to support muscles and joints through their full range of motion whilst helping to reduce pain and provide effective support.


K-Taping provides;

  1. Pain Relief

  2. Reduced Swelling, Inflammation and Bruising

  3. Prevention and Relief from Spasms and Cramping

  4. Speedier Recovery of Overused Muscles

  5. Structural Support for Weak or Injured Body Parts

  6. Enhanced Strength and Muscle Tone in Weak or Injured Muscles

  7. Aids in postural correction 

  8. Allows Athletes to Remain Active while Injured


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