“I felt that Adrian was really knowledgeable and made great effort to explain the issues I was   experiencing The treatment he was giving felt brilliant, very thorough and I really appreciated the       advice given to avoid further problems”

Jane, Birmingham




“I found the treatment very beneficial and relaxing. Adrian was a competent and responsive therapist”   Lorna, Birmingham




“Very professional and very knowledgeable about the body. Excellent communication of his knowledge   verbally. Focused massage on problem and did extra work on that area” 

Kirsty, Birmingham




"I had a few treatments from Adrian for sports related injuries. His highly skilled techniques has   massively improved the resilient and suppleness of my muscles, tendons and other soft tissues. I would highly recommend Adrian to anyone who needs Remedial soft tissue/Sports massage"                             Muni, Birmingham



"I visited Adrian for a sports massage as I was having a few problems. He did a great job and I found him very knowledgeable. Sports were much easier following my treatment"  

Simon, Lichfield



"Adrian is lovely-personable and very professional. He took his time trying to get out all the knots out of my arm, shoulders and neck so that I felt looser by the end of the session. Thankfully firm enough pressure to make a difference without making me squirm too much! -Very reasonable prices for the service provided. Happy!"

 Gráinne, Birmingham 



" I found the treatment provided to be helpful in alleviating some of my back pain. Adrian also gave me some tips in avoiding suffering from the same ailments in the future which, was useful"

Arohit, Walsall



"I am forever grateful to Adrian who knew exactly what to do after one week of treatments I felt so much better. Absolutely amazing and professional"

Carol, Birmingham


"I visited Adrian after having some problems with my lower back area. And after a series of treatments the issues I was having have vastly improved. Adrian is a very friendly and extremley knowledgeable Therapist whom I wouldn't think twice about recommending"  

Michael, Birmingham 


"I visit Adrian every few months. He definitely knows what he's doing and I feel maximum benefit for weeks afterwards. Adrian always finds the tension in my body and deals with it effectively. It helps me to just get on with life and distance running"  

Patrick, Walsall


"I initially visited Adrian with back pain and very tight calf muscles. Adrian soon diagnosed the problem originated with my feet. After several treatments my feet, calf muscles and back are considerably better - I've got movement in my feet I haven't had for years. 
Adrian is very friendly, knowledgeable and skilled and explains things well so you can improve and manage your body. I now know a lot more about how my muscles (and whole body) work and relate to each other. I can definitely recommend him" 

Oliver, Solihull


Adrian Knows his stuff. I visited him for a specific problem with my knee following an accident last year and since my visit, I rarely have any pain. I have just had a second session with Adrian so hopefully my knee will be now pain free.His treatment room is comfortable and convenient to Birmingham city centre. I would recommend him.

Robert, Birmingham


Adrian is excellent at what he does and I can really recommend his treatment. He has a huge amount of knowledge about the human body and not only pinpoints what is wrong and treats it but also give you lots of useful advice about stretching and exercising. He is also a really nice guy and very easy to get along with. Have recommended him to a number of people and they all rate him.

Jane, Birmingham


Went to see Adrian with a shoulder injury. shoulder was improved after one treatment and better after two! Really professional and excellent advice on exercise and preventing further Injury

Austin, Birmingham


Knowledgeable, friendly, professional and takes care of his clients. I have previously used other therapists but have found Adrian to be the best. He responds quickly to arranging appointments and has also been able to offer advice on tackling running injuries I have experienced.

Lee, Birmingham


Been going to Adrian for the last 6 months and have seen massive improvements in my sports activities and have had no new injuries since. Adrian is very knowledgeable, has great advice and very reasonable prices. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking to get the best out of their body!

Shakeel, Birmingham


Adrian is an expert and passionate about his field. I recommend him

Alan, Birmingham

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